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you're not the only one by nadelkissen you're not the only one by nadelkissen

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Another pair of babies finally born, and the other pair aging up to yearlings. :la: The champagne foal has been sitting around for a little bit as I pondered the other, but I am content with both of them and eager to make something of them. The other foal's breeding picture is in the works. Just wait for it. It's gonna be big.

"I'm...I'm having deja-vu!" Mailin said, putting her hands up to her head and weaving it around a little bit dramatically as the trailer started pulling in to Hollow Grove. Jamison drew his mouth tight and glanced at her from the corners of his eyes. "I don't want to talk about it." He stated finally, though he cracked a little smile. It was true, this had happened quite recently, mimicking the exact same situation. A colt was finally arriving from having been born at Maple Leaf Ranch over in the States, conceived by a lusty accident by one of his misbehaving stallions. This was a baby of his favorite horse, however, so he was exceedingly excited.

The trailer stopped and Jamison wandered over, swinging open the door. It was dark in the trailer, a few panels of light coming through the windows, though the colt managed to be standing in the shadows. He was small and very silver, from his shiny pale dunskin coat to the wild locks springing from his crest in all directions, making him look somewhat like he'd got electrocuted. "That's a familiar look." Mailin said, thinking of the colt's father as she was peering in at the colt and seeing the one bright blue eye shimmering. "Ridiculously dumb?" Jamison supplied, elbowing her gently in the ribs. She scoffed. "You should be nicer to your horse soulmate." Mailin responded and Jamison laughed and grinned widely.

"Come here little fella." Jamison said as he knelt down in the doorway, offering a hand for the colt to sniff. The colt backed up a few paces, and then suddenly it got wild. In the span of a few seconds many things happened. First, the colt started bolting down the center of the trailer, shaking it with the volition of his impact. Jamison started to stand to get out of the way, but not quick enough. The colt used him as a spring board and firmly planted his hooves on both Jamison's thigh and his chest and bounced off of him, out of the trailer, before starting to bolt across the grounds. A string of expletives left Jamison's mouth as he fell off the ramp and onto the ground and Mailin stood wringing her hands as she was unsure whether to tend to Jamison or chase after the colt. "Go get him. Please." Jamison squeaked out, all the breath having been knocked out of him. Mailin immediately ran off after the colt, calling for him as 'Baby'.

Meanwhile, another baby was standing in the mare pen, minding her own business. Eden had arrived about a month before and had latched on to Morrigan for dear life, the draft mare becoming somewhat of a surrogate mother for the weanling filly. Eden watched the silver streak of another foal running through the fields, and eventually the other two youngsters started paying attention as well. "Open the gate!" Jamison called to Niamh, who was standing in the mare pen, slightly stunned. She started fumbling with the latch and then swung the gate wide open, and Mailin herded him in.

Eden, in the wrong place at the right time, came to be in full collision with the wild colt. They were a messy tangle of stilt-like limbs and shocks of foal hair, complete with frightened squeals. The colt was flailing wildly, disregarding the safety of Eden, hitting her square in the chest and the neck a few times as she cried out in pain. The girls made for the ball of foal, but Jamison yelled at them to keep their distance, fearful for their safety. Finally he was disentangled and launched himself up again, streaking across the field. Eden wobbled to her feet and gave a little buck of disapproval, while Taliesin and Raven decided that this might be a fun little activity and started chasing down the colt who was running as hard as his legs could carry him.

Eventually he wore himself out, and started wandering around the pen crying for his mother. Jamison was standing at this point, but buckled over from the pain in his ribs. He took a moment to glare at Finn, who was at the fence with the other stallions. They were even disturbed by his crying. "Are you killing something out here?" Enomine asked, pulling gently on Stevie's leadrope as he paced anxiously, looking at the foal as if it was going to explode. Eden for her part was standing directly underneath Morrigan, getting under her hooves as she tried to move and graze. She nickered at him, and he stopped for a moment and made his way over. As he did so, Morrigan leaned down and fluffed his electrocution mane and then went back to grazing. He stopped his crying, but looked wary of the situation none the less. Eden seemed to be glaring at him, with her ears back and her body tense.

The colt came to be known as Silvester, and though Eden was not terribly harmed, they would never be friends. When not vying for Morrigan's attention, Silvester was glued to the side of Taliesin and they became inseperable much like their misfit fathers. Jamison got away from the incident with some cracked ribs and a mass of bruises, but came to love the little colt. He was a mini-Finn after all.

Name:// HG Pearl of Eden
Barn Name:// Eden
Gender:// Filly
Breed:// Paint Horse
Age:// Foal
Color:// Classic Champagne Tobiano Dun
Markings:// Blaze and Ermine Spots
Projected Height:// 15.1hh
Discipline:// Halter, Pleasure, Western Riding, Equitation
Bloodlines:// HG Making Moves On Eden x SEC Pistols n' Pearls
Breeder:// Hollow Grove Livery Stables - Breeding Picture

Personality Archetype:// The Basket-Case
Personality:// For some reason, Eden didn't get her father's adventurous spirit, and only a shade of her mother's loving nature. Jamison thinks that it may be due to her collision with Silvester when young, but Eden is very fearful of the world and it's only alright when she's clinging to the side of Morrigan. Even then, she's afraid of stepping in anything worrisome, such as water, mud, or piles of horse dung. She was used to spending her life on grass, so trying to get her to walk on dirt without stepping around like an awkward Tennessee Walker required some effort. Eden is shy around humans, preferring Morrigan to the attention of any two-legged creature and seems fearful of any of the other horses, cowering and shivering. When getting trained, Eden would rather stand there like a deer in the headlights rather than move her feet. Jamison hopes there's something in that pretty head of hers, but is starting to doubt it.

For Stud/Lease:// Too Young

Color Traits://
Red Factor:// Ee
Agouti:// aa
Champagne:// nCh
Tobiano:// Tt
Dun:// DD

Name:// HG Missing the Romance
Barn Name:// Silvester
Gender:// Colt
Breed:// Quarter Horse
Age:// Foal
Color:// Silver Dunskin
Markings:// Star
Projected Height:// 15hh
Discipline:// Trail and Speed Events
Bloodlines:// HG My Trashy Romance x Miss Action Rambling
Breeder:// Hollow Grove Livery Stables - Breeding Picture

Personality Archetype:// The Daredevil
Personality:// Silvester is completely fearless to a fault, almost as if he's trying to prove something. He's completely reckless and has not a thought in his brain about the safety of others and how his actions affect them. He is likely the one to roll when he's tied to a railing and wrap the rope around his throat, or to play too rough with a handler. He is like a dog in the way that he likes to play, chasing the other horses or his handler, challenging them. Silvester is always on the go. It is rare to catch him doing anything but causing trouble in one way or another. Jamison imagines he'll be the first to make a successful attempt to escape. When he doesn't want to do something, you will not be able to make him do it. He is very stubborn and can be dangerous in his protests. It's better to let him get back to being a wild child than press him. He likes to be trained though because it challenges him and he enjoys the praise. He certainly enjoys the spotlight.

For Stud/Lease:// Too Young

Color Traits://
Red Factor:// Ee
Agouti:// Aa
Cream:// nCr
Dun:// Dd


Drawing and Characters *nadelkissen
HARPG Game ~moonfeather

Please do not copy, heavily reference, trace, claim as your own, reuse this image on another site, reproduce in any way, shape or form, without explicit written permission/consent
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Crickatoo Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aww, those little foal faces :D
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83 They're squishy and cute. Lol
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ClopinMiseried Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
What gorgeous little babies! Their mama's are beautimus!
nadelkissen Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much. 8D Yes they are. I believe I made some good choices.
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